Saturday, March 08, 2008

The characters, mainly women, be they standing, facing or profiled, often depict the entire body and are generally positioned in a line. Few characters are isolated but this does not mean that they actually communicate as far as she is concerned. The dehumanization of the world, overpopulation and shortages do not facilitate interchanges and fraternization. This is the message, intended to trigger reflection, which Iris Pérez sends us.

Lately, her drawings and paintings have tended to identify with one another: the techniques and the supports are merging; the separation between categories is being blurred. Iris Pérez is an example of the “globalizing” tendency although she persists in making the distinction between Drawing and Painting. We respect her for that… However, for us, it is simply a passionate Opus, overflowing with humor and tenderness. And that’s enough.

Marianne de Tolentino
Member of the Administration Board of the International Association of Art Critics.


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