Monday, November 06, 2006


Iris Perez was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. She studied Art at the National school of Fine Arts and at the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD). She specialized in painting and attended the sculpture workshops of the masters Leopoldo Perez and Domingo Luz. She also participated in various courses and workshops throughout the country.

Individual Exhibition:
2006 Beginning of a tour of individual exhibitions:
8th March Raku Women of Fire, Museum of las Casas Reales, Santo
2003 Series “Marginal Status, Boricua University, New York.
2000 “Hidden Spaces”: Casa de Bastidas, from the series “Hidden
Spaces”: Cuba Collection Fine Art., Miami Florida.
1998 Zone to Rent: Plaza de la Cultura Santiago Apóstol, Palacio
Consistorial. “Zone to Rent”, Palace of Fine Arts.
1994 Homage to the Sede Family in Dominican Republic. United Nations Organization (UNO).
1993 Scenes from Life: National School of Fine Arts.

International events
She was selected by the organization Artiade to represent her country in the Art Olympiads organized when the 2004 Olympic Games took place in Athens.
Presently she is taking part in the Women of the World collective exhibition coordinated by curator and visual artist Claudia Demonte and the Arts Faculty of the University of Maryland, USA.
Itinerary exhibitions have taken her to following places:

2000 White Columns, N.Y.C, Flint Institute, Michigan
2001 University of Maryland, Stockholm Sweden, University of New England, Me., Tucson Museum, Arizona.
2002 Women's Art Gallery, Ohio, Museum of the Southwest, Texas.
2003 International Museum of Women's, Mobile Museum, Alabama, Brenau University, Ga.
2004 Tallinn Art Hall, Estonia, Akureyri Museum, Iceland, Gerduburg Cultural Centre, Reykjavik
2005 World Financial Centre, N.Y., Women's Museum, Dallas, New Orleans Contemporary Art Centre, Simmons College, Boston, Legion Arts. San Francisco.
2005 Unclaimed Luggage, Project coordinated by the Artrageous Group and presented for the Centenary of the Fine Arts Circle of Madrid, Spain. Collective exhibition of Dominican Artists organized by Hábitat for Humanity, New York.
2004 Collective exhibition Lotus Art. Gallery, New York
2000 Subasta: "Venezuela Aids 2000" coordinated by Morgan Stantle Deán Witter and Slogan Auction Gallery, Contemporary Visions-Unión Planter Bank, Miami Florida.
1997 Exhibition of Latin American paintings, Cultural Salon of the Banco Atlántida –Tegucigalpa, Honduras.
Exhibition in the 1st Central American Workshop of Plastic Arts, INICE- Honduras.
1990 Feast of Fire: Santiago de Cuba.
In 1997, she attended the interregional meeting of the AIP-UNESCO in Tegucigalpa –Honduras where she was nominated “Distinguished Guest” of the city, honour given by the Corporation of the District of Honduras.In 1994 she received a Certificate of Gratitude from the Promotion of the Woman, a medal awarded by the FAO for her performance-installation of “the Dance of Hunger”, the 2nd prize of the Pinta de la Paz Contest. An award by the Ford Conservation and Environment Prizes and an award by the National School of Fine Arts for her academic work in 2003 and 2004.


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