Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Who does not know Iris Perez could think that her drawings are kids’ drawing or that she has copied them. Of course this is not so. We know that many great modern artists were fascinated by the creative easiness and ingeniousness of early age. Let us mention Kandinsky, Klee and Picasso, at times capable as well of identifying with childlike expression, as a form of play. The young Dominican artist traces these figures, spontaneously, repeatedly, without any effort and successfully, unlike others who have tried, in vain, to do so.

Her art is about evolution towards simplification and shows the agile transformation the clumsy and quick sketches drawn by the little ones, even when it seems to be mimetic, into elementary figures. Iris Perez knows how to represent space, nearly always bi-dimensionally and with a voluntary lack of perspective. We should talk about spatial organization with the construction of the image rather than composition.
She adds structures and graphical elements be they abstract or neo-figurative to her pictorial or sketched figures, often the center of her environment. We observe a particular variety as far as her line is concerned, from fineness to thickness: circular, straight, elliptical, sinuous, open, parallel, closed and oval. A true lexical exercise for a more than sensitive geometry! The impulses of her gesture seem inexhaustible, yet also under control – we need to mention, and act within the support0


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