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EXHIBICIONES COLECTIVAS 2010 - 2015 (selección)



VI  Bienal Internacional de Arte de Beijing.  Museo Nacional de Arte de Beijing, China. Festival de Dibujo.  Galería de Arte Arawak

[2014]: Global Village [Muestra colectiva itinerante entre los países: Holanda, Alemania  Dinamarca] Curador: Jeroen Van Passen.  IV BienalLatinoamericana del Bronx, Bronx Space of Art. New York, USA.   Miami Mix Art Basel.  WynwoodWarehouse Project. Miami, Florida. USA. Reencuentro-Galería Amicus. Santo Domingo, República Dominicana.  Primavera-La Casa Negra Soto de Dego.  Comisarios Klauss Van Damme y A Bauduc. España.  Persistencia. Galería de Arte Arawak. Sto. Dgo. , R. D.

[2013]: Artistas Dominicanos en Presente.  La Casa de América Latina de Mónaco (Maison de l’Amérique Latine), Principado de Mónaco.  Evoluciones.  Centro Cultural Banreservas, Sto. Dgo.  Muestra XXVI Bienal Nacional de Artes Visuales.  Museo de Arte Moderno (MAM),  Sto. Dgo., R. D.

[2012]:V Bienal Internacional de Arte de Beijing.  Museo Nacional de Arte de Beijing, China.  Festival de Arte Fía Costa Rica,  Galería Nacional de Arte,  San José Costa Rica, 2012.  Global Village, Febrero: Projekt 072, Alkmaar, the Netherlands, Agosto: KulturhusetBrønden, Copenhagen.

[2011]:Festival de Arte Latinoamericano, Etnia 2011, dedicado a República Dominicana, Bruselas, Bélgica,

[2010]: Amigos Contemporáneos. Laboratorio Evolutivo de Arte Contemporáneo, Santo Domingo, R. D. II Encuentro de Artistas DOÑANA: Ayuntamiento  de la ciudad de Almonte. Huelva, España.  II Feria Internacional de Arte – Fiart.  Santo Domingo, R. D.  Latin Viewx 2010: La Quinta Bienal: Latin Network for Visual Art. Connecticut, USA.   Bienal de Arte Latinoamericano del Bronx, New York, 2010: Gordon Park Gallery (College of New Rochell, Bronx Campus, Bronx, N Y. IV BienalInternacional de Artes de Beijing.Museo Nacional de Arte de Beijing,  China.

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The passionate Opus of Iris Perez

Marianne de Tolentino

Iris Pérez is an artist who does count. It would be inappropriate to refer to her as a mounting talent as indeed, she has proven her seriousness, her consistency and her unrestricted creativity. Since the exhibition she presented in Fine Arts in 1999, she has been standing out thanks to a style more and more personal as time goes on, offering works which are rich, abundant and engaged, rendering obvious the pleasure of creating and searching…
She was trained in the very National School of Fine Arts where she lectures today. Her art alternates between drawings, paintings – both being her main genres - , sculpture and recently ceramics. It is worth mentioning that Iris had been selected amongst nearly 5000 candidates worldwide to participate in a planetary collective workshop at the Athens Olympic Games where she received a noted recognition for her sculptures installation. Since, she has worked with an incredible energy and has had no other choice but to exhibit her works.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

If we mention her engagement as a fundamental aspect of her art, it is because Iris Perez has committed herself to the defense of the human condition and to the condition of abused and exploited women in particular. Thus, she plunges herself and us in the process, in the problems of the City, in a “human habitat” which imprisons creatures in fragmented and closed spaces and which, despite their density, maintain or increase loneliness, separation and scarcity of communication.

It is necessary to mention that the artist has never lost track of her psychological and social objectives nor the control of the means, although her passion for Art has culminated in an impressive production. Similarly she expressed herself in total liberty, the way she wants to, the way she feels it, without ever abandoning authenticity, innocence and the freshness of the soul, qualities transmitted by her protagonists.